Aurora Trace




AURORA features:

  • Range 0-400 ppmv
  • Lower Detection Level: 50 ppbv (parts per billion)
  • Utilizes many of the same design features of the Aurora-H20 including:  Electronics enclosure, display, user interface
  • cFMus Class 1 Div1 certification for the USA & Canada, ATEX & IEC Ex for Europe and other global localities
  • Programmable 4-20mA signal.  RS-232/485 digital interface with Modbus & Foundation Fieldbus option
  • AuroraView – Utility software for remote set up, trend graphing & diagnostics
  • Optional calibration system –  may be programmed to run on demand or at a specific time (Regen Time)
  • “Multi Pass Optical Cell (specially curved mirrors)”:  To measure trace levels of moisture (<5 ppmv)  a long path length is required.   In the Aurora Trace the path-length is 30 meters vs. 1 meter for Aurora H2O resulting in 30X the sensitivity.   
  • Utilization of a vacuum cell is a time proven method of producing a high resolution signal.   Analyzers using this method have been applied to semiconductor and air separation industry.   
  • The GE-Aurora-Trace is the 1st analyzer to apply this technique to a rugged explosion proof system
  • The signal at trace level moisture concentrations (<5 ppmv) is 5X that of TDLAS system operating at atmospheric pressure. 
  • ZERO-CALIBRATION for 5 years !