BAKER HUGHES Measurement & Sensing (M&S)

PT Karya Energi Indonesia (KEI) is channel partner for Baker Hughes, a GE Company – Measurement & Sensing (M&S) product lines in Indonesia. Baker Hughes is a combination of Baker Hughes and GE OIL & GAS – world’s first and only Fullstream Oil and Gas company. Click here for detail.


Baker Hughes Panametrics & General Eastern (GEI) reliable Moisture and Humidity Measurment solutions for industry.

Moisture & Humidity Analyzers Measurement Technologies:

  • TDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser): Aurora H2O & Aurora Rover
  • Aluminium-Oxide (Alox/Al2O3): HygroPro, M2 Probe, TF Probe, MISP2 Probe, PM880, dew.IQ, moisture.IQ, MTS5, MTS6&Veridri
  • Chilled Mirror: Optica & Optisonde
  • Planar Aluminium Oxide Sensor: MMY30 & MMY31
  • Planar Capacitive Sensors: MMR30, MMR31 & MMR101

Aurora GE              


Baker Hughes Panametrics reliable Oxygen Sensors & Analyzers, Hydrogen/CO2/Helium/SO2/Argon Analyzers improve process efficiency, optimize reactors and provide greater safety assurance in Petrochemical, Refineries, Bio Gas, Steel, Air Separation, & Power Generation.

  • Thermo Paramagnetic (O2%): XMO2
  • Thermal Conductivity (H2/CO2/Helium/SO2/Argon%): XMTC
  • Electrochemical (O2 PPMv/ O2%): Oxy.IQ
  • Non-Depleting (O2 PPMv): DeltaF
  • Gas Display: XDP & Moisture.IQ



Baker Hughes DRUCK Machine Testing and Calibration solutions are critical to ensuring the health of your assets. Wide ranges of Pressure, Electrical, Loop, Temperature, Frequency/Pulses, RTD, Thermocouple Calibrators: HART/FF/Profibus Communicator, Calibrators, Documenting, Pneumatic/Hydraulic Pressure Hand Pumps, Digital Test Gauge, Pressure Indicator, Pressure Sensors/Transmitter, Differential Pressure Transmitter (DP Transmitter), Pressure Controllers, Calibration Test Bench & Calibration Software.

  • Portable: HART/FF/Profibus Communicator, Calibrator & Documenting (DPI620Genii, DPI620Genii IS, DPI612, DPI611, DPI610-IS, DPI615-IS, Hand Pumps, DPI104, DPI800 Series)
  • Pressure Transmitters & Sensors: UNIK5000, RTX1000, STX2100
  • Controllers: PACE1000, PACE5000, PACE6000
  • Calibration Software: Intecal&4sight