Measuring and Instrument


1985 we had a vision. At that time climate goals were still a long way off. We were dreaming of measuring the CO2 exhaust in every single house and being able to determine the efficiency of a combustion plant with measuring instruments. We started in a small garage in Iserlohn-Oestrich.

Today our ecom instruments are in operation all over the world in homes, power plants, on ships and other large engines. We will not stop dreaming.

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GESOTEC® products are distributed worldwide through various well-known OEM-clients under their individual brand mark. Through these channels (1983-1987), hundreds of one of the first GESOTEC® products, a low cost microprocessor based image processing system for measuring Infrared Cameras (“Thermographs”) have been sold globally under the trade names “DISCO™” and “DIPS™” by, at the time, Swedish market leader, “AGA® Infrared Systems”.

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GE’s Measurement & Control business is improving the health of industry with smart, predictive and integrated solutions. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts USA, Measurement & Control is part of GE Oil & Gas and globally provides solutions to customers in the oil & gas, power generation, aerospace, transportation and healthcare industries. Our innovative technologies include sensor-based measurement, advanced software, asset condition monitoring, controls, inspection technologies and radiation measurement solutions as well as global services and expertise. We recognize the potential of smart machines, advanced analytics and people collaborating so we are continually driving towards solutions that help connect machines, data and people. Resulting in innovative solutions that enable more proactive decisions and optimized processes, and ultimately, a smarter, safer way to do business. At GE Measurement & Control, the machines are talking, are we’re listening, improving and optimizing.

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