VZ Series

  • Saving-space Design.
    A revised structure and reduced number of component parts allows for a reduction of overall mass by approximately 10% and a decrease in the size of the pump by approximately 15%. (Based on comparisons with the previous models)
  • Superior Durability.
    Use of stainless steel as the material for the impeller and port plates which come into contact with seal liquid greatly increases pump durability.
  • Economic Design.
    [Seal Liquid Filling Method]
    Compatible with both pressurized and self-priming applications without any need for structural changes
  • [Reduction of Seal Liquid Quantities]
    Optimization of seal liquid flow inside the pump allows for an approximately 10% reduction in the quantity of seal liquid.
    (Based on comparisons with the previous models)
  • [Anti Cavitation Device]
    Adoption of a cavitation reducer allows for control of cavitation under closed valve operation.